Textile is our second skin, it carries time, memories, feelings and belonging. Most common medium you can see through my works are textile and thread.
Since 2000, I have painted on ‘Cheetha’, a traditional Sri Lankan printed textile. This fabric carries a disappearing part of the Sri Lankan culture.  It can be seen only in few villages or among the older generation because of the phenomenon of western fashion trends and mass made clothes from China. While the majority of the Sri Lankan population considers it low class and kitschy to wear clothing made from Cheetha, this material is highly nostalgic for me – it carries my childhood and the weightlessness of life as a kid.
My art work subjects mainly focuses on things that cannot be seen by the naked eye – memories, dreams, the unconscious mind and the voices of the inner heart. I attempt to give strength to the viewer’s imagination by depicting powerful icons and heroic figures.  My subject matter is influenced by my desire to heal broken or incomplete things that were once useful. I make my work out of a need to empower myself and others to feel happiness, love and strength.
Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige, born in Kurunegala, Sri Lanka in 1980.