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The Limits of Our World is a film created following a protocol by Agathe Simon and produced by the art company The Group.

On November 21, 2020,
to go to the limits of your world
and film for a minute.

To watch the full-length film (HD, Stereo, 24 min 32, 2020), please reach us for credential.

Mother and child


« YEAR 1 »

Paris, 27.10.2018

“Year 1” is a collective performance created by Agathe Simon for the international art company The Group. The artistic team is composed with no prerequisite: the members are aged 8 to 82, coming from 14 countries (Argentina, Canada, France, Iceland, India, Italy, Ivory Coast, Japan, Luxembourg, Morocco, Norway, Russia, Sri Lanka, and the United States of America).

In preparing “Year 1”, Agathe Simon has offered each team member to explore their first year of life. The performance revolves around these narratives via an intimate scenography, rhythmed by immersive sound creations.

Sound Creation Voices:  Sarojini Wijerathna Ekanayake & Deneth Piumakshi Wedaarachchige (Sri Lanka), Daria Apakhonchich (Russia), Françoise de Chalonge (France), Denise Cobello (Argentina), Maxim Evstropov (Russia), Eryn Foster (Canada), Margarita Garcia Faure (Argentina), Sigurlin Bjarney Gisladottir (Iceland), Ida C. Helland-Hansen (Norway), Simonetta Montaguti (Italy), David Packer (United States), Armel Tia (Ivory Coast).